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Hakim Manzoor Passes Away

Well known Urdu poet and thinker of th sub-continent , Hakim Manzoor, passed away yesterday in Delhi.
Apharwat shares a deep greif and sympathy on his demise and wishes his wife, son Aafaq and his family our heart-felt condolence.
Greater Kashmir reported in detail on the sad death. Their report follows.

Hakim Manzoor dies at 69

ARSHAD ME’RAJ Srinagar, Dec 21: Distinguished poet and journalist Hakim Muhammad Manzoor also known as Hakim Manzoor breathed his last in Haryana this morning. He was 69.Hakim Manzoor was admitted to a Gurgaon hospital two days ago where he died due to multiple organ failure. Suffering from diabetes, he was presently putting up with his son Afaq Manzoor, a computer engineer based in Gurgaon.


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