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Kashmir 1930- Pleasures Of Simple Living

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Yak Rang Featuring Anwar War Anwar Released by Muzaffar Aazim

Lovers of Kashmiri poetry are familiar with the name of mystic poet Anwar War Anwar (1873-1905). For the first time, a book of his unpublished poems, collected by his lovers (named in the book) was released in Kashmir.
 The collection contains his poems, a detailed introduction to his thought and art, and scores of explanatory   end-notes about the words and terms used by him.  The book is compiled, edited and composed by Muzaffar Aazim using Kashmiri font and keyboard he developed.
The function was hosted by J & K  Academy of Art, Culture and Languages.
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Poems by Purvez

Cosmic BreakdownBy Akhtar Purvez
From the other side of the milky way,
A star brakes apart.
Drifting through the eternal abyss.
The passage cold, detached and dark.
What made it to seperate?
Many light years since-
the wandering continues.
Is there a home?
How long will the fire last? ____________________________ Purple Horizons
By Akhtar Purvez Crickets, beatles and wasps
a composition in my backyard.
Nature- flowing through.
Creeping smoothly under the skin
and slowly tickling the heart.
For those tranquil moments,
everything else is irrelevent.
Hold the nature in your palm.
And it whispers you a lullaby
and smoothens out the creases on your soul. _______________________________
The Maze Crawl
By Akhtar Purvez The razzle dazzle sun
And calm, serene moon.
Figure out the beauty of the eternal charm.
Dive into the tranquility of
the words unspoken.
Join in an eternal bliss.
Feel the warmth of a moonlit night
And soothing coolness of a clear, sunny day. ______________________ Daylight Dream
By Akhtar Purvez
In a rockgarde…

Rich Kashmiri Gujjar Heritage

Photo Courtesy: Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation