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Poetry by Purvez

Here are some poems.

Daylight Dream

In a rockgarden
on a simmering hot day
Evaporating dew drops on the lilac petals
and nectar from the jasmine
offered to a roaming bumble bee.
It feastsand goes-
And forgets the treat.
The lingering sweetness stays with me
close to my heart.
I hope the crystal-clear thoughtbrightens
a dark, gloomy soul
Sometime, Somewhere.

Purple Horizons

Crickets, beatles and wasps
a composition in my backyard
nature- flowing through
creeping smoothly under the skin
and slowly tickling the heart
everything else seems irrelevant
for those tranquil moments
you hold the nature in your palm
And the nature gently sings you the lullaby
and smoothens out the creases on your soul.

Akhtar Purvez
Copyright ©2006 Akhtar Purvez


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