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Aazim's Personal Website

Muzaffar Aazim's personal website is now completely updated with latest information and multimedia.

Here is preview:

Muzaffar Aazim's songs, recitations, mushairahs

yina sa chashman...Voice: Doolwal.
daryen pardeh ...Voice: Aazim
jigar zakhmi...Voice: G. Hasan Sofi
Hardeh wai...Voice: Waheed Jeelani
wizi-wizi...Voice: Ali Mohammad and party
URDU ghazal Badleion ke aaznchal...Aazim in conversation with Ms. Rukhsana Jabeen
ho obreh lish....Aazim in conversation with Ms. Rukhsana Jabeen (Radio Kashmir)

A photo feature on Dastar Bandi and new book release



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